VERNØ - Hovedvagtsgade 8, 1103 Copenhagen. - CVR: 35695834

About Vernø


VERNØ is an agency where focus is management, sponsorship, product placement and PR. It´s all about branding with positive results….products or people, VERNØ makes it happen. I have more than 20 years of experience in retail and sales and am highly passionate about what I do.This means that I am truly driven when it comes to my business – generating visibility, promotion and sponsorship in synergies between business and artists.

I bring a personal and effective approach to every project and I make things happen. I am an expert at seeing things differently and thinking out of the box, and I never give up. I think creatively and alternatively and combine artists, performers, businesses, brands and events in setups that provide maximum benefit to everyone involved, and I deliver both innovative and untraditional solutions.

I create strong and measurable results, and no project is too large – or too small. I work with visibility in all its many nuances and am open to working with all industries. I work with everything from businesses, brands and charitable organisations to musicians, models and magicians – and there is always room for a new facet to my portfolio, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to achieve ultimate visibility. In one way or another.


Lene Vernø